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Language Skills and Immigration to Canada

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There are two official languages in Canada—English and French. English is the main language in most of the country. French is the main language in Quebec. Which language one communicates in has a lot to do with where one resides in Canada. Official documents and services are offered in both languages in Canada.

An immigrant will need to be able to communicate in one or both of these languages in order to get a job, study, access services, talk to people in communities, or/and become a Canadian citizen. Regulated jobs and trades may require more language skills than immigration. Fluency in English or French, including phrases and expressions unique to Canada, is important to functioning in Canadian society.

An immigrant may want to take a language class to improve their language skills. English as a second language is an example of one such class. Governments across Canada fund language classes, or an immigrant can pay for their own private classes. There are also language tests available so an immigrant can prove their language ability for a job, school, or immigration purposes. Tests are available to evaluate English and French language skills.

It is a good idea to strengthen language skills to be able to communicate in jobs, schools, and communities in Canada.