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Immigration to Canada in 2020

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Immigration to Canada has been a way of supporting economic, cultural, and population growth in the country. Over the years, millions of people have immigrated to Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. Some look for a better financial situation, to be closer to family, or to find refuge in a safe and welcoming place. Immigrants seek opportunities and provide enrichment for those around them. Canada is diverse with strong economic, cultural, and social parts of its society.

Canada welcomed just over 184,000 immigrants to its borders in 2020. That was down significantly due to the global pandemic and was the lowest level for immigrants to Canada in some years.

The top three countries for immigration to Canada in 2020 were India, China, and the Philippines. India has been a leading source of immigrants to Canada over the past few years due to college/university degrees, work experience, and English fluency.

Canada is launching an ambitious objective for immigrants in 2021 and the years to follow. The IRCC and provinces/territories will continue to process applications. This will be an interesting time for immigration to Canada.