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Immigration to Canada and the Pandemic

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What effect did the pandemic have on immigration to Canada? A significant one.

Permanent Residence, refugee, and family admissions were all substantially less than prior to the pandemic. Skilled workers and skilled trades weren’t considered for immigration at the beginning of the pandemic.

Temporary worker admissions were also down. Considering the importance of these workers, Canada took and is taking steps to support this group.

Since immigrants add greatly to the public revenue and help compensate for an aging population with more retirees, Canada needs and plans to admit more immigrants over the coming years.

Here are some ways to help Canada’s immigration, suggested by the Conference Board of Canada:

  • provide paths for immigrants to receive job offer(s)
  • provide help for economic immigrants
  • provide for more family and refugee admissions
  • provide for regions that don’t receive many immigrants to welcome more
  • provide ways that help more immigrants financially
  • provide settlement services

Things are changing for the better for immigrants in 2021. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is processing Permanent Residence applications for those immigrants already in Canada. As vaccinations continue and the pandemic has less of a grip on Canada and the world, there will be more immigrants accepted into Canada as the country works to meet its immigration goals.