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How the Canadian Federal Budget 2021 affects Immigration

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The new Canadian federal budget 2021 outlines several new points that will affect immigration. These budget inclusions aim to change immigration for the better.

The main points affecting immigration that are highlighted in the budget are:

  • Modernizing IT infrastructure
  • Reforming Express Entry program
  • Adding to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Supporting immigrant women
  • Paths to Permanent Residence

Almost $430 million is to be invested by the federal government to upgrade and modernize its IT infrastructure. This will include the Global Case Management System which handles immigration applications. This allows for better handling and processing of high volumes of immigration applications which are expected in the near future. It will also allow for improved security measures that are needed in today’s world.

The federal government plans to make changes to the Express Entry system for immigrants. The Express Entry system is the main way that Canada selects immigrants under the economic stream for entry and includes about one-fourth of all immigrants to Canada. The government intends to give the Immigration Minister more say over which immigrants are chosen for immigration to Canada. Immigrants will be selected based on who can best support the needs of the Canadian economy and labour market.

Over the next three years, the federal government plans to spend an additional $110 million on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This will help support vulnerable foreign workers and increase inspections. They will also help some workers get open work permits.

The federal government plans to spend an additional $15 million over the next two years to continue funding programs to help immigrant women. These women sometimes face obstacles to employment. Lack of English or French skills, work experience, child care, or discrimination are a few of these. These programs can help women gain employment in Canada.

The new paths to Canadian Permanent Residence are also mentioned in the federal budget. This new program provides essential workers and international graduates with new ways to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada.

The Canadian federal budget 2021 includes several points that outline support for immigration to Canada.