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Benefits of Immigrants for Canada

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Bringing immigrants to Canada benefits the country, its current citizens, and immigrants themselves who stay temporarily or permanently.

When you look at the number of people working and paying taxes in Canada, you get a picture, at least in part, of the health of Canada’s economy. The taxes provided pay for public services and programs, including pensions and health care, which help Canadians. Canadians often live longer, retire earlier, and have fewer children, so immigrants help fill the jobs and provide taxes for these services.

Immigrants also contribute to the economy when they spend their money in Canada. They buy goods, services, housing, and transportation.

Immigrants add to the number of people working and available to work, and help employers find skilled labour when needed. The top five occupations for the Canadian federal immigration program are:

  • software engineers and designers
  • information systems analysts
  • computer programmers
  • accountants and financial auditors
  • marketing and public relations personnel

The knowledge immigrants bring to Canada is important. Education and job experience must meet Canadian standards.

Immigrants fill temporary and seasonal jobs that Canadians are not available or interested in doing. This can be in agriculture, health care, technology, or other industries. They play a vital role for Canada.

Many immigrants settle in smaller or more remote communities, helping to build these communities. Culture can be shared among residents in Canada, wherever they may be. Immigrants also volunteer and share in social settings in communities of all sizes.

As immigrants become part of Canadian society, they add to Canada in many ways, bringing benefits to Canadians and themselves.